01 - Introduction to CSS

Learn all about CSS here. We assure that, we make your learning experience more simple and easy because you have come to right place.

Some check list before you proceed,

 Working Knowledge of Word Processors like notepad etc

 Basic knowledge of web browsers like Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc

 Basic understanding of HTML/XML

If you are unaware of HTML/XML, we suggest you to go through our HTML tutorial.

The CSS tutorial is easy to understand and one must learn CSS to transform the look of their web pages.

To tell you, CSS does not effect anything content wise it is a presentation technique just like how you present yourself with good clothes, nice hair do which done in a good way increases your confidence levels.

In the same way, the look of the web page becomes more appealing when you use CSS.

What do you need?

You need nothing more than a notepad and a web browser.

Trust us, learning CSS is also as simple as that.

Though, you can use some software like Dream Weaver etc, we suggest you to use notepad because learning with simple software makes your learning simpler.

Take enough time and complete all the chapters and then experiment with a lot of examples we provide as we go further.

So, what are you waiting for, let’s get started! Happy Learning!!!

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