Hibernate Tutorial


In Hibernate tutorial we will learn the features, advantages, architecture, configuration approaches (Programmatically, via  XML Configurations, using properties file) dialects, naming Strategy, hibernate.hbm2ddl.auto property, Session Factory API,  Session API, Query API  and Hibernate Object States, hbm files (Mapping Document), hibernate data types,  Life Cycle, Hibernate Query Language (HQL), inheritance mapping approaches( Table per class Hierarchy, Table per subclass, Table per concrete with implicit Polymorphism and Table per concrete with Union), Component Element, Collection Mapping, Association Mapping( Many  to One, One to Many, One to One and Many to Many), Cascade and Fetching Strategies, Interceptors and Events, Native SQL and Named Queries, Criteria Queries Hibernate Caching(First Level Cache ,Second Level Cache )  Hibernate Transaction Management, Annotation based configurations, integration approaches with Spring and  batch processing in hibernate.


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